‘Buts’ are only allowed on the dance floor

The universe is listening. And it’s taking you literally. That’s according to Danielle Mercurio, aka New You City Coach. This 30-year-old New York City-based personal lifestyle coach helps others overcome some of the same issues she battled herself: the insecurities, confusion, and loneliness that can come with adulthood, especially in the Big City. One of the … Continue reading

Squash: The New Pasta

What’s stringy and blonde and easy to fix? Here’s a hint: It’s not your hair. Spaghetti squash is a winter squash, but it can be found year round in most grocery stores and is a great substitute for pasta in virtually any noodle dish (including lasagna), so as to avoid those heavy, starchy carbs that tend … Continue reading

5 Fun Facts About Central Park

Psst. You know that giant, green oasis in the middle of smoggy Manhattan? Yeah, Central Park. This more-than-150-year-old, 770-plus-acre New York City staple is known for its spacious lawns, picturesque lakes, and family-friendly zoos, but did you know that coyotes and wild cats roam free and the park has a built-in way to ensure you … Continue reading

Train For Your Next Trip

Feeling cooped up? Only have time for a quick weekend trip? Or maybe you’re simply looking for a reason to shape up and get away. If this sounds like you, it’s time to lace up those sneaks, pick a race, and book your hotel nearest the start line of your choice. That’s right, a race … Continue reading

Spirals out of control?

My hair is curly. Not “it gets kind of wavy when I let it dry naturally” curly. It’s, like, rotini-pasta-noodle curly. Eileen Quinn playing Annie curly. Madam Medusa, snakes-for-hair kind of curly. You get the idea. So when I notice a ton of split ends – generally a good year after my last trim – … Continue reading

Up and at ‘em

Just do it. Up and at ‘em. Carpe diem. Simple, powerful statements that are easier said than done, right? I’ve always been pretty OK with early(-ish) mornings, but I never thought I’d be the person who wakes up at 4:30 a.m. to go to the gym. That changed, though – mainly by necessity – when I was … Continue reading

Ethereal Accessories

Remember when your morning routine included slipping on a couple of mood rings and adding a rabbit-foot keychain to your JanSport before heading out the door? Just because you’re a little older – and, uh, more stylish – doesn’t mean you have to lose the good-luck charms. Ethereal accessories are not only chic in that … Continue reading

Bye-Bye Busing?

School districts across the country are implementing a change that proponents estimate will save their schools anywhere from $300,000 to $2.5 million over the course of just a few years or less. Sounds great, right? Not if you’re a student who relies on the bus to get to school. From California to New Jersey, school … Continue reading

New Teachers, New Focus

Along with budget cuts affecting the public school system in America, there’s another issue at hand:  demographics. It’s no secret that the American workforce as a whole – including in schools – is changing.  According to studies by AARP and the Greenway Group, workplace demographics span four generations for the first time in modern history, … Continue reading

Two Days in Austin, TX

Austin, Texas: Most of us know it as the self-proclaimed “Live Music Capital of the World,” home to SXSW, and a place that gets really, really hot in the summer. But for an active, social 20-something, it’s the perfect destination for a quick, last-minute solo trip. Yep, as in deciding to go somewhere by yourself … Continue reading