Making sight sustainable

Why do you wear sunglasses?

Is it to make a fashion statement?  Or is it purely utilitarian, to protect your eyes from the sun?

Do you splurge on designer shades or buy them from the swap meet?

What if purchasing a pair of eco-friendly sunglasses ensured the restoration of someone in need’s vision?

SOLO Eyewear

Worldwide, nearly 1 billion people do not have access to eye care or corrective lenses, but thanks to a group of San Diego State University alumni, buying new sunglasses can help with this problem.

SOLO Eyewear was founded in hopes of spreading the blessing of vision across the world – and it does.  For every pair of sunglasses sold, SOLO donates a pair of prescription glasses or funds surgeries for those in need.

“So many people do not have access to eye care, do not have prescription eye glasses,” Co-founder Jenny Amaraneni said in an SDSU News Center video.  “And how do you go to school if you can’t see?  How do you provide for your family if you’re not able to see?”

SOLO Eyewear

Amaraneni credits her international entrepreneurship professor Martina Musteen for inspiring the idea for SOLO after her class was required to design a business centered around a social issue.  Soon, her idea caught the attention of her peers, Craig Stern and Dana Holliday, while working at the SDSU Entrepreneurial Management Center.

Since founding the company in March, the three have just recently celebrated their first official donation, which will fund more than 750 pairs of prescription eye glasses.

To learn more about SOLO, connect with them on Facebook or Twitter, and check out the video below:

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