Ethereal Accessories


Remember when your morning routine included slipping on a couple of mood rings and adding a rabbit-foot keychain to your JanSport before heading out the door?

Just because you’re a little older – and, uh, more stylish – doesn’t mean you have to lose the good-luck charms.

Ethereal accessories are not only chic in that beloved bohemian way, but they’ll have you radiating positive, creative energy and peace, and even keep the Debbie Downers away – or so they claim. But, hey, I’m all for the placebo effect, if nothing else.

Evil Eye

Unless you’re not a Bravo fan, you’ve at least seen this symbol on Tamra Barney’s hat in the Real Housewives of Orange County and are probably familiar with its intent to keep negative energy away.

The beliefs and practices surrounding evil-eye charms vary widely from culture to culture, but the gist of it is, you wear this ocular symbol to protect yourself against someone who might cause you harm with simply a look.

Snag an evil eye bracelet or necklace (like this one from Urban Outfitters) for your next night out to ward off creepy dudes in the bar.


Named for its silvery-blue color variations and light-reflecting qualities, moonstone was associated with the lunar gods and goddesses of ancient Rome and Greece, and the Greeks also believed that wearing it could guide important decisions and bring knowledge of the future. Today, it’s thought to bring good dreams and is worn for balance and flow in parts of Asia.

Moonstone was often a talisman for love and sensitivity in Roman and Greek cultures, too, so find a pretty pair of moonstone earrings (like these ones from Anthropologie) or a ring and you have the perfect summer love charm. At the very least, it matches just about everything.


You may remember this symbol from math class, but it also appears on several Tarot cards. In modern mysticism, it’s associated with the ouroboros, an ancient symbol that depicts a serpent eating its own tail, which can represent cyclicality and the “eternal return.”

Creative energy is another derivative of the infiniti symbol. Wear it on a ring (like this one from Urban Outfitters) and allow your ingenuity to flourish.

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