Gimme Pizza: Where are they now?

I made the mistake of taking a trip down memory lane in the form of watching clips from old Mary-Kate and Ashley movies the other night, and I’ve paid for it dearly ever since. After watching the infamous pizza-making montage from You’re Invited to Mary-Kate & Ashley’s Sleepover Party, I’ve had the 10-year-old Olsen voices screeching “Gimme Pizza! P-I-Z-Z-A!” on repeat in my head, and I think it’s really doing a number on my productivity, mental psyche, and overall well-being.

That being said, I decided to do a little Internet sleuthing to see where all these pizza-crazed little girls are now. Alas, I give you, “Gimme Pizza: Where are They Now?” It’s no detailed or salacious E! True Hollywood Story, but these tidbits satisfied my curiosity.

The Hosts

It’s no big secret that the Olsens are still alive and kickin’ (in shoes that would cost me one month’s rent in Greenpoint, no less). The petite blonde duo is still forging its way through the fashion and beauty world (I’m a huge fan of the Elizabeth and James line, and if anyone would like to buy me a really nice birthday present in September, I’ll take the Nirvana White perfume, please), but they were most recently featured in Vogue for designing a wedding dress for their BFF – who, I might add, was not invited to the pizza sleepover, ehem.

Mary-Kate Olsen

According to the Daily Mail, MK is a smoker who wears the same outfit several days in a row. She is also engaged, adding to the list of girls my age who are “ahead of me in life.” However, her fiance is kind of an old dude (she’s 28 and he’s 45), and, according to the trustiest of websites (Wikipedia), is a banker whose brother was once President of France.

Ashley Olsen

Supposedly this one’s into older dudes too. Miss Ashley is dating Bennett Miller, 47, a filmmaker. Or something. Other than not going to Uncle Joey’s wedding this past month, she’s not really makin’ crazy headlines. Good for you, Ash.

The Guests

Cara DeLizia

After being on that Disney Channel original series So Weird, Cara apparently did a bunch of other TV shows, including ER and JAG and all those basic-cable primetime series that’d be on in the background when I was doing homework or whatever. When you Google News search her name, only Italian articles come up because I’m guessing that name is pretty popular over there. And she’s apparently not making any headlines here. There is a Facebook page that says she is also a director, and some other site says she’s been married twice and has a son, but I was too bored by the lack of juicy gossip to continue searching.

Vanessa Croft

Wow. That Olsen Twins movie must have really ruined acting for this girl, because it was the last thing she did, according to IMDb.  If this is in fact her Facebook page, though, she’s apparently now some R&B musician – with a whopping 236 likes (show her some love?)

Brighton Hertford

After the sleepover fiasco, little freckle-faced Brighton turned into a little brown-noser named Judy in the Leave it to Beaver remake, and has since made appearances in a handful of shows and movies, including The Parent Trap with Lindsay Lohan, 7th Heaven, General Hospital, and not much else that’s recognizable or worth noting. There’s a Brighton Hertford on LinkedIn who went to Brigham Young and lives in Utah now, so I can only assume it’s the same girl (honestly, who else has that name?) … and that she’s living a quiet, Mormon life now.

So basically, the Olsens hired “friends” for this Sleepover movie whose acting (and seemingly overall career) success would never come close to their own.

Sorry for the boring post, guys.


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