CCB charms more than just babies

“Because we’re young, we can take risks and we can try things that we’re passionate about.”

Eat Sleep Rock Repeat

Great advice for anyone, but that’s also how a former professional wrestler from Baltimore started making baby clothes.

Whoa, hold on. Back up, right?

It pretty much started when Richie Frieman went to visit his wife’s cousin, Scott Smith, to see his new bundle of joy. He noticed that Smith’s newborn son had a pretty cool outfit on – a custom shirt made from an iron-on print – and, you know what they say; the rest is history.

Frieman, who writes for Pen’s Eye View, a music and lifestyle digimag, used to make custom shirts too, as part of his eight-year professional wrestling past, so when he saw Baby Smith rocking a one-of-a-kind Tee, a lightbulb went off and he went home to start sketching.

Frieman and Smith, a musician, both loved the vintage, “old” style, and they wanted that comfort and mature, edgier look for their babies too. So they embarked on this side business, Charm City Babies (CCB), which features Baltimore team shirts and styles that represent the city they’ve always called home, among other trendy looks. In just over a year, the company, which is still solely run by the duo, has grown significantly – it’s now available both online and in select stores – and has become a tremendous part of their lives.

balt_medium (1)

Not just Tees for tots

Similar to TOMS shoes and SOLO sunglasses, Frieman and Smith adopted a one-for-one policy for the sales of their wearable goods.

“We wanted to make a quality product and help people out in the end,” Frieman said. “The charity and style draws all different people, and we dig that.”

From local hospitals and national organizations such as Red Cross and Susan G Komen, to international charities in Africa, Charm City Babies gives a shirt or monetary donation for every one sold. Through September and October, CCB is donating to The Little Lion Challenge, a pay-it-forward movement predicated on spreading your good deeds via social media, using the hashtag #littlelionchallenge. Learn more about their Buy One, Give One program on CCB’s website.

Frieman says he hopes CCB becomes an entire lifestyle brand. And it’s well on its way. From infant onesies to toddler-sized sweatshirts, and now even T-shirts for adults, CCB is more than just a cool baby shower gift. Its expanding market and growth in such a short time span is largely attributed to the giving-back aspect, as well as social media, grassroots advertising, trade shows, and word of mouth, Frieman says.

So the next time you’re looking for a thoughtful gift – whether it’s for your third pregnant Facebook friend in a month or your own niece who just learned to walk – consider a double gift from CCB: one for the baby in your life, and one for a child in need.

To learn more about Richie Frieman and Scott Smith, and to check out the products they have available, visit and be sure to like them on Facebook and follow @CharmCityBabies on Twitter.

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